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ZMK X brick

Item Name:ZMK X brick
Item Price:0.010RMB/pcs
Export Country:Germany
Descriptions:100% natural and pore EPS beads combined. EPS is also in line with food hygiene regulations, so it is completely harmless to indoor climate and respiration. Backfill is done with pure hot steam, not the usual binder. The EPS wedge does not contain HBCD and can not be firmly connected to the bricks. The two materials are kept in categories and can be easily separated. EPS is made up of 98% air and is also used as food packaging. It has the same material properties and prolongs service life. Because of the special ZMK design, the ZMK X series is completely diffusible, which means an unblocked water balance can be achieved. It can even be laid during continuous rain. features: No mildew Healthy indoor climate Natural air exchange Humidity self tuning